"froyo red"

. YOGOIN: Premium Frozen Yogurt Powder
. YOGO 7: Premium Frozen Yogurt Powder (Less tart, less sweet than YOGOIN)
. YOGI: High Quality Frozen Yogurt Powder
. YOGI 7: Quality Frozen Yogurt Powder (Less tart, less sweet than YOGI)
. YOGI SF: High Quality Low Fat Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt Powder
. YOGOIN Smoothie: Premium Yogurt Smoothie Powder

  • * Extremely low fat (1.2~1.8%)
  • * Live probiotic (lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus) included over 5~10billion CFU per bag (1kg)
  • * No artificial colors
  • * No Preservatives
  • * Gluten Free
  • * Non-GMO


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